Checking On Jody's Cache In Spring

This is the story of what happened when we checked on Jody's geocache this spring...

A picture of the road leading to the Jody Wirawan Memorial Cache.Early on in the spring we decided to check on the memorial geocache we put up for Jody.

We wanted to see how it fared through the insane amounts of snow we got this winter...

...and the inevitable flood when spring finally hit.

A bunch of squiggly lines representing a frustrating swamp.So between the main path and the cache spot was a lot of newly minted swampland thanks to the massive snow thaw.

I couldn't take any pictures because I was busy trying not to sink into quickswamp, but later I did get a hold of this artist's rendition of what things looked like :p.

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan at Jody Wirawan's cache.We finally made it to the cache spot and everything was nice and dry.

The last geocacher to find it even had moved the cache to a higher spot for the winter so that it was less likely to get swamped.

A picture of the inside of Jody Wirawan memorial geocache.Checking the inside of the cache.

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan looking at Jody memorial cards.The two memorial cards we put in as part of the cache were still there and in good condition.

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan reading Jody Wirawan birthday memorial card.Bittersweet.

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan.Jennifer reading the cards.

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan's dog Andy.Andy was misbehaving so I told him to chill out for a second.

It takes all his concentration to sit still like this when he's outside lol.

A picture of Andy the dog looking at Jennifer Wirawan.He loves Jennifer and attentively watches everything she does.

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan refilling a geocache.Okay time to refill the cache.

Picture of the inside of Jody Wirawan memorial geocache.Loading up the cache with miscellaneous prizes and goodies.

A picture of Andy the dog sitting in the woods.Awww X).

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan's hand carrying a geocache.The whole area was dry so we decided to move the cache back to its old spot.

A picture of Anita Wirawan holding the Jody memorial cache.Me and the cache before I put it back :p.

Anita Wirawan walking in the woods.It's been a long time since anybody walked through here.

A picture of Anita Wirawan putting a geocache in the woods.The perfect spot.

A picture of Anita Wirawan using branches to cover up the Jody memorial cache.Gotta cover it up with brush and branches so that random passerby don't stumble upon it.

A picture of Anita Wirawan moving sticks around with her foot. I got a little impatient lol.

A picture of the hidden Jody Wirawan memorial geocache.When you're out for a walk in the woods you just never know what you're passing by.

Okay back through crazy boot soaking swampland (don't worry it all dried up a couple weeks after this).

A picture of Jennifer Wirawan smiling.After all the swampland it was nice to get out on the main trail again :).

A picture of a Havoline truck oil sign.I liked the look of this old truck oil sign.

A picture of Andy the dog chewing on a large branch.Andy decided he was bored with carrying regular sized branches around.

A picture of Andy the dog dragging a tree branch.Though this one was so long he pretty much had to drag it.

A picture of Andy in the grass.Then he found one that he liked even better.

Andy the dog carrying a giant stick.It was funny to watch him carry that monster stick around.

A picture of the top of Andy the dog's head.He had fun though.

A picture of Andy the dog standing.He had to take breaks every once in a while lol.

But then was right back at it.

We kept on walking and enjoyed the nice weather and scenery, happy that Jody's cache was safe and sound.

~The End :)